International Women's Day with Cathy Carter

International Women's Day with Cathy Carter

International Women's day is celebrated in many countries around the World. 8th of March is a day when Women are recognised for their achievements without regard to divisions. IWD is aimed at inspiring females across the World, to make a strong call to motivate and unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive. This years theme for IWD is #PressforProgress, so together lets all push forward in gender equality, let's all Press for Progress. 

Pace have three females at the front of the business, and a recently new female ambassador Nicole, we thought we would share some insight into what its like to be us. Females in the bike World.


Who are ya?! Cathy Carter

What's your role in the Pace family? The Yorkshire Terrier (apparently).  Having worked in the bike industry for 30 years, my role at Pace has varied from HR to clothing design. I am involved in all aspects of the business including frames and components. I have travelled the World with the Pace team, visiting dealers and distributors, but now mostly guide the girls so I can have some time off to ride my bike with Adrian.(I wish!)

What is is like to be a Woman in such a male dominated industry? I was brought up with five brothers so I am quite used to being a bossy female. It is great to see more Women coming into the industry and I am especially lucky having both my daughters working within Pace.
Is there anything which annoys with regards to gender equality in the bike world? Things have moved on a lot. I started working in Pace 30 years ago and back then Women were in a minority butin recent years things have changed and there are more Women starting their own bike related businesses. 

Is there anything in-particular that you like seeing on social media/press about Women in this sport? I love seeing Women doing more adventure riding and putting themselves out of their comfort zone. 

Are there any positive role models you would recommend people to follow on social media? Sorry, this is off my radar. 

As a female in the bike industry is there anything you would like to see change? I would like to see more females designing bikes and components. 

Are there any events that you would recommend fellow female bikers to try? Events can be a barrier to a lot of women. If you are new to mountain biking a good event to start with would be a Gravel Sportive. Cycling should be a sociable sport where both males and females can ride together and enjoy just riding their bike. 


Any words of wisdom if someone is new to riding and what tips do you have for them to gain confidence on the bike? Always ride at your own pace. Don't feel inhibited if the terrain is too technical, just get off and push. 

Finally, where is your favourite place to ride your bike? So many places...the best way to see anywhere for me is by bike. The Camino De Santiago, Chile (The Lake district). Adrian and I went out there a couple of years ago and rode from Chile into Argentina and the scenery was stunning. A great mix of forest trails and dirt roads - definitely worth a trip.