Yesterday was the International Women's Day, a celebration of women's achievements and a call for greater equality around the world. So we celebrated this by asking female riders a few questions about their world with bikes, what drives them and to get their views on the women's scene as it stands, and where it's heading. Over the next couple of days we will be introducing you to some awesome female shredders who inspire other women daily by just being themselves. Here is lady number 4...


Name: Fiona Nuttall

Where do you live: Kirkby Lonsdale

Age: 26

Instagram Name: finuttall

What do you do for a living?
PE Teacher

What type of riding is it you do?
Mountain bike, trail riding

What is it about riding your bike your love the most? Challenging myself physically in endurance and mentally on techy bits!

Where is the best place you have ridden?
Peaslake in Surrey Hills is such an awesome area for XC. Loughrigg in the Lakes is great for the climbs and views, but with anything it's always the people you're with that make it!


Where is the next place on your adventure list? Canada & New Zealand on long term riding plans. Before then Helvellyn is my next aim!!


Who do you like to ride with?
Anybody who wants to! I love riding with my boyfriend Harry because he pushes me to be better every time and to lay off the brakes and to think a bit more (but he also knows when to back off and let me get on with it). Equally riding in groups or with the girls is awesome too - everyone sharing the day and enjoying a beer at the end!

Apart from riding, what do you like to do in your free time? Being outdoors doing as much as possible - walking, running, snowboarding (and recently attempting skiing!). Seeing friends, googling cute puppies, being in sunny places and drinking gin.

How did you meet your riding pals?
My boyfriend helped me tech out for riding and since then I've actually been out more than him! I got introduced to girls who ride through friends of friends then you ride more and it snowballs

Any words of inspiration for people wanting to start riding or to meet people to go riding with?
Just go for it!! You don't need the latest and greatest bike (I'm on a hard tail) and kit (although buying new kit is one of the best parts of riding) to get going. Say yes to invites and don't worry about being at the back!

What scares you the most about riding?
Right now ... Super steep techy downs, roots and having a major mechanical issue when I'm riding alone!

Do you have any female role models?
So many athletes like Jess Ennis, Rachel Atherton, Laura Trott, Kate Richardson Walsh but also family and friends who are strong, self assured women!

Does the bike industry need to do more for greater equality or do you think its great as it is? Equality is such a massive topic and it stems from years of gender stereotyping. It needs to start from grass roots level so campaigns such as This Girl Can are so important at school age - showing girls it's ok to be sweaty and muddy and muscley and to be better than the boys but that you can also wear dresses and make up and enjoy shopping! I think the bike industry are slightly ahead with that and do value the importance of equal opportunities, people like Rachel Atherton do a lot to help that too!

Do you think the bike industry needs more ‘Women’s only” products/races/groups or do you think it should be all unisex?
More women's focused clothing would always be great, but I do think there is already a lot out there. In terms of getting started riding women's only groups do take that worry away so more groups and races for women can only be a good thing!

As a female rider is there anything you would like to see change? Just more support and promotion of women in the sport!

Finally, when your shredding alone, what is your all time favourite song? Rarely ride with music but In Between by Beartooth gets me pumped. At the same time a bit of Jason Mraz I'm Yours makes me happy!

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