Yesterday was International Women's Day but we thought why does it have to stop after one day?! We are celebrating women's achievements and a call for greater equality around the world. So we have asked female riders a few questions about their world with bikes, what drives them and to get their views on the women's scene as it stands, and where it's heading. We will be introducing you to some awesome female shredders who inspire other women daily by just being themselves. Here is lady number 5...


Name: Nadia Randji

Where do you live: Scarborough

Age: 29 (just)

Instagram Name: @nadiarandji

What do you do for a living? Chartered Structural Engineer

What type of riding is it you do? MTB and Colin (roadie) riding

What is it about riding your bike your love the most? Getting out into the fresh air, scaring myself... and hills, I bloody love hills

Where is the best place you have ridden? The Alps


Where is the next place on your adventure list? New Zealand (in my dreams) but more likely Scotland

Who do you like to ride with? I love riding with the girls because it's the best laugh but I also like riding with the boys because they make everything look so easy and can help take the fear out of things. Like when you ask "how did you just do that?" And their reply is "I don't know, you just do it"

Apart from riding, what do you like to do in your free time? Literally anything active outside, I love spending time with my little boy Freddie, he has been on a good few bike rides with me already, walking the dogs or eating obscene amounts of food and watching films when I have to stay in

How did you meet your riding pals? Mostly through other riding pals, going to races and events and through my fiance 

Any words of inspiration for people wanting to start riding or to meet people to go riding with? Just give it a go, join a local group or club, there will be a local group for any ability and in all different disciplines. It's such a fun way to be sociable and keep fit at the same time.

What scares you the most about riding? Definitely cars / crazy car drivers out on the road and those trees that just seem to sneak up on you in the forest

Do you have any female role models? Loads, especially my mum, but she bizarrely has zero interest in being involved in sports unlike me... Also I love how Tracy Moseley has literally smashed it at every type of bike racing she's had a go at and I am in absolute awe when I watch Bethany Hamilton surfing... she's amazeballs.

Does the bike industry need to do more for greater equality or do you think its great as it is? I think there should just be more clothing choice for women that isn't primarily pink

Do you think the bike industry needs more ‘Women’s only” products/races/groups or do you think it should be all unisex? Not really, I've ridden women specific bikes and men's bikes and I actually probably prefer the men's bikes I've had. I like unisex events and groups, I don't like the idea of segregation.

As a female rider is there anything you would like to see change? Better up keep of trails would be good and trails you could ride that would bridge between pure XC and pure DH would be especially good

Finally, when your shredding alone, what is your all time favourite song? If I had to choose one then probably Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

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