Yesterday was the International Women's Day, a celebration of women's achievements and a call for greater equality around the world. So we celebrated this by asking female riders a few questions about their world with bikes, what drives them and to get their views on the women's scene as it stands, and where it's heading. Over the next couple of days we will be introducing you to some awesome female shredders who inspire other women daily by just being themselves. Here are two rad ladies...


Name: Linzeky

Where do you live: Linz - I live wherever I park my van but mainly Grizedale.

Beccy - Currently in Holmfirth and moving back up to the lakes soon.

Age: 27 & 24

Instagram Name: linzekyride

What do you do for a living? Linz - I work as an instructor at Go Ape.

Beccy - Self employed painter and decorator and lakeland brownie.


What type of riding is it you do? All mountain and adventure riding.

What is it about riding your bike your love the most? What we love about riding is the freedom powered completely by yourself! It takes you on journeys and adventures that make you happy and get your adrenaline pumping! Plus pints and grub taste way better once you've earned it!

Where is the best place you have ridden? Lake District and Lake Garda.

Where is the next place on your adventure list? We are biking 2350km off road through 3 countries following an old pilgrim route to the 'end of the earth'. We start this September so excited!

Who do you like to ride with? Each other and anyone who's up for it! We have a great bunch of girls to ride with in the lakes love it!

Apart from riding, what do you like to do in your free time? We both love playing music beccy's in a band The Orchid Hunters. Traveling, meditation, having adventures, eating!

How did you meet your riding pals? We created a social media page and planned woman only bike rides. We met a lot of riding pals through that then friends of friends.

Any words of inspiration for people wanting to start riding or to meet people to go riding with?
Try and find a local group that go out riding, if you end up riding with guys they are bound to know a few females that go out riding too so ask. Say yes even if you don't know anyone we have all been there, you have your love for biking in common that's all that's needed.

What scares you the most about riding? Beccy is most scared of riding in to a field of bulls or field of any animal! And probably running out of skill on a sketchy descent.

Do you have any female role models? Rachel Atherton & Tracey Mosley

Does the bike industry need to do more for greater equality or do you think its great as it is? It's apparent that women's cycling is growing and slowly we have seen an improvement and a shift in the belief that girls only wear pink lime or purple! So more choice is great! More woman in the biking world and more woman entrepreneurs!

Do you think the bike industry needs more ‘Women’s only” products/races/groups or do you think it should be all unisex? We think more woman everything! Now we're not just saying that because we're raging lesbians! But yes especially races and social riding groups. But colour of bikes and clothes definitely unisex, same bike same colour woman's fit!

As a female rider is there anything you would like to see change? We still get guys on the trail that jump in to fix your puncture.. sorry mate if I need your help I'll ask!

Finally, when your shredding alone, what is your all time favourite song? Crystal castle

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