Today is International Women's Day, a celebration of women's achievements and a call for greater equality around the world. So we celebrated this by asking female riders a few questions about their world with bikes, what drives them and to get their views on the women's scene as it stands, and where it's heading. Over the next couple of days we will be introducing you to some awesome female shredders who inspire other women daily by just being themselves.

Demelza Robinson

Name: Demelza Robinson

Where do you live: Between Pickering and Scarborough

Age: 31 (super young)

Instagram Name: Demelzatriffitt

What do you do for a living? Event organiser at English Heritage

What type of riding is it you do? Mountain Biking

What is it about riding your bike your love the most? The happy feeling it gives me! Love being outdoors and challenging myself. It's also given me confidence with other sports

Where is the best place you have ridden? Glentress and Bike Park Wales

Where is the next place on your adventure list? The Swiss Alps and Norway

Who do you like to ride with? Luckily quite a few of my friends ride! I like the ones who bring sweets best...

Apart from riding, what do you like to do in your free time? Playing netball, walking my overweight dog, I'm also a big fan of making music playlists to annoy my friends with

How did you meet your riding pals? My mum pays them... jokes... school friends mostly!

Demelza Robinson

Any words of inspiration for people wanting to start riding or to meet people to go riding with? Do it!! You won't regret it, it's like a fitness class you don't realise you're doing and it will push you in lots of good ways!

What scares you the most about riding? Falling off!Although I love riding new places it can be quite daunting sometimes. Also when Nadia wants to go up massive hills.

Do you have any female role models? Lots! Especially in sport and especially women who have had to fight to be taken seriously in sport, such as Maya Gabeira who challenges big wave surfing for women. Also the majority of the England netball team who have to hold down full time jobs/study as well as playing!

Does the bike industry need to do more for greater equality or do you think its great as it is? I think it's pretty good thanks too women like Rachel Atherton and the GB track team being so successful. More could be done, for example Red Bull only show top 5 women for the DH races but show all of the men.

Do you think the bike industry needs more ‘Women’s only' products/races/groups or do you think it should be all unisex? I think women's stuff is good, brands like Fox and Maddison produce lots of good women's clothing and I think that matters, you want to feel good too! There could be more women's races I suppose but I just like riding for fun so I'd like to see more of a social side than a competitive one.

As a female rider is there anything you would like to see change? Id like to see specific women's courses such as bike maintenance happen. I'd also like to see more money put into developing areas for trails!

Finally, when your shredding alone, what is your all time favourite song? Tough question! Antigold 'disparate youth' the 2 bears remix

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