Pace developed their Fluidworx range to completely rejuvenate the performance & lubrication of your bike- extending life of chains, brake performance and bearings.

For example RC10 chainlube is no ordinary chain oil- developed in Germany to exceed normal performance levels it has deep penetration, low friction & extended life. Available in both Wet and Dry synthetic formulations Pace is one of the few companies to quote ‘Brugger Values’ which is an automotive standard determining their products ability to withstand load and prevent mechanical damage and Pace RC10 Chainlube has an industry topping value of 65N(mm2). In the real world with 1x11 cassettes costing upwards of £250 using Pace RC10 extends life and prevents expensive replacement.

RC7 grease was developed over 25 years ago and is proven to have low friction & stiction- keeping all sliding and rotating bushings and bearings running  smooth and slickly. Great for suspension fork bushings & Reverbs you can use it throughout your bike too.

And when you get your bike up to speed RC312 DOT 5 (Dot 4 Racing) Disc Brake Fluid helps you haul it back under control. Stop brake fade and increase braking power without having to replace a single component! Like the rest of the Fluidworxs range RC312 is a peak performer and will transform your braking system because unlike standard Dot 4 Pace RC312 maintains power right up to 312C. So whether you’re ragging down a Morzine descent, shredding a Lakeland Trail or dropping into the next timed downhill race your brakes won’t let you down- Power is nothing without Control.